The discovery of electricity has been a pivotal moment in the history of human existence. Much of our functions today rely on the rather dangerous form of energy, but without it, life can be incredibly hard to deal with. Electricity powers our homes—cooking, surfing the internet, and even baths are reliant on electricity.

Unfortunately, such power also causes us a great deal of stress. Oftentimes you accidentally leave appliances on and in a state of panic, you rush home just to plug them off. The risk of causing a fire is real, so any presence of burning smells and suspicious electricity sounds will leave your skin crawling—this could perhaps be why you always check your home twice now.

While most appliances are designed to harness the power of electricity flawlessly, malfunctions eventually occur. If left unchecked, it could lead to dangerous occurrences, so keeping your eyes and nose peeled for any warning signs is of the highest priority.

To keep yourself safe from potential electrical mishaps, here are three telltale signs a brewing emergency—you may need to contact your electrician immediately:

Sign #1: Your Lights Are Flickering

Although dimming and flickering lights are a common occurrence, they should not be simply ignored. Most can be fixed with the change of a light bulb, but some flickering lights may be a sign of bigger underlying problems.

If you don’t have any skills or experience with handling electrical issues, it’s best to leave them to the professionals. Otherwise, you could put yourself and your properties in danger. It’s wiser to take caution and contact the professionals for high-risk situations like electrical issues.

Sign #2: Circuit Breaker Is Malfunctioning

Tripped circuit breakers are also not to be taken lightly because this could be a sign that they are overloaded. Circuit breakers are responsible for stopping electricity from overheating the circuit, and if they malfunction, you might be at risk of an electrical fire. If you have a tripped or malfunctioning circuit breaker, it’s best to contact an emergency electrician rather than turning your electrical appliances back on and risking a fire.

Sign #3: Outlets Are Suddenly Sparking

A sparking outlet can hardly be ignored. Those showers and flashes of blue light will be enough to send your heart pounding. While malfunctioning outlets are oftentimes merely isolated cases, such occurrences should never be overlooked. It could potentially lead to an electrical breakdown and in the worse case, an electrical fire. 

A sparking outlet could have been the cause of old age or short-circuiting, but never attempt to diagnose the problem yourself. You’re better off contacting your electrician, as exposing yourself to a risky situation will never be worth it. Your best option is to ensure that nothing else gets plugged on the outlet until it’s been deemed safe. 

The Bottom Line

Electrical faults can occur at the most opportune times and more often than not, unnerving and stressful. You may be doing everything possible to keep your home safe, but sometimes electricity works in ways we do not understand. With that being said, it’s important to equip yourself with the signs of an impending electrical fiasco. Once you see the sign, call your local emergency electrician right away. 

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