Due to the pandemic, the majority of employees from different industries had to shift to a remote working setup. Thousands have had to adjust to being a home-based worker. And while it has its undeniable benefits, there are some challenges that remote workers have to face on a daily basis. One of these is the need to transform a space in their home into a workspace that helps them become productive. 

Unfortunately, not all homes are built for an effective remote working setup. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make some changes to improve it. Here are some electrical home repairs or improvements that you can do:

Have Enough Outlets

Make sure that your home office has enough outlets. If you are using extension cords, that’s an indication that your space requires a wiring upgrade. Not only are extensions unsightly, but they could be dangerous as well. 

A quick call to your electrician can solve your problem with outlet shortage. You can also consider adding USB outlets when you have the work done. This will help prevent congesting the AC outlets because of your USB devices. It’s simply better to have dedicated USB outlets for your gadgets. 

Have a Dedicated Computer Circuit

You might not know it, but computers have complex components inside them that are sensitive to electrical signal drops. This is why you need a dedicated circuit to ensure that your computer equipment is safe from changes in an electrical signal. This means that your computer will be isolated from other appliances and circuits in your home that are all drawing a lot of power. 

Replace Your Wi-Fi With Wired Internet Connection

Since you are using the Internet for your work, it only makes sense that you choose an option that can deliver a more stable connection. Your Internet connection should be able to handle high bandwidth activities to ensure that you won’t be freezing or be dropping out of your Zoom meetings unexpectedly. 

Switching to a wired connection is especially important if other family members are also using the Internet at the same time you are. If you have kids doing online classes while you’re working, then you definitely need to get a hard-wired internet connection so that you will have stable connections. 

Get Better Lighting

This may seem like a simple upgrade, and it is, but it makes such a huge difference that it should be one of the first things you should get done. Get lighting that is more appropriate for an office setting. Your lighting shouldn’t add strain to your eyes as you are already facing your computer for hours on end. The room shouldn’t be too bright or too dark. If needed, have more fixtures installed!

Reduce Line Noise with a Power Conditioner and a Surge Suppressor

A power conditioner can help bring stable current to all your devices. Electricity is complicated, and at times, it can be unstable, which is why you want to make sure that all your devices are protected. Aside from that, you would also benefit from having a surge suppressor for your entire house. This could be easily installed by a trained electrician near your electrical panel. This will protect not only your home office but also the entire house from electrical surges that can damage your appliances and devices. 


By preparing your home for your home-based work with the upgrade ideas mentioned above, you are more equipped to do any task assigned to you. Simple tweaks like adding more outlets and installing a power conditioner can help you avoid having to call an emergency electrician. 

If you are ready to upgrade your home office or if you are facing an emergency, 24/7 Emergency Electricians can provide you with reliable services. We do not only answer emergency calls, but you can also count on us to do all the necessary upgrades and electric repair services to your home office in Edmonton, AB, to enhance your productivity. Contact us today to know about our services!