Due to innovation and modernization, the appliances, tools, and pieces of equipment that are often utilized in your home are highly reliant on electricity. In fact, electricity is now nearly in every part of everyone’s life. 

While electricity improves the quality of your life and ensures your comfort and convenience, there are several major electrical hazards in your home that can be the cause of unwanted accidents and injuries. Here are five dangerous electrical hazards that are common at home that you should fix to avoid harmful situations:

Babies and Toddlers

If you live with children, particularly babies and toddlers, keep in mind that they are often inquisitive and curious at that age. This essentially means they are highly enthusiastic to see, experience, and explore different places and things around them. These can include electrical components and uncovered sockets around your home. When poked with their fingers or sharp objects, these can lead to serious injuries, or worse, death.

As their guardian, you should be responsible for keeping an eye on your children at home and take safety measures to keep them safe and protected at all times. Prioritize covering electrical outlets within their reach with plastic closures. 

Poor Wiring

Defective, corroded, or worn electric wires and poor wiring can increase the risk of fires, power surges, and other electrical accidents that will leave you seeking for electrical home repairs. Because of this, it’s important to maintain good quality wiring. To achieve this, call a skilled and experienced electrician to check your wiring regularly and have any old wires replaced. At the same time, be sure to avoid handling electrical work by yourself, especially if you are unfamiliar or not skilled enough with performing this task.

Wet Hands

Don’t underestimate the danger of handling electrical appliances with wet hands because doing this can cause you to get an electric shock. To avoid accidents and calling in emergency electricians, make sure that your hands are completely dry before using electrical pieces of equipment, appliances, and tools. Performing this seemingly-minor step will ultimately ensure that you remain safe within your home.

Electrical Outlets near Water Sources

As you should know, water and electrical appliances are a serious combination that can cause severe accidents and injuries at best and death at worst. Similar to your appliances, your electrical outlets in areas with water, such as your kitchen and bathroom, have higher chances of causing an electric shock. Because of this, you should always keep your outlets away from any water source.

Extension Cords

Having unorganized extension cords will not only make your home look more cluttered, but they can also pose a threat to your safety. To prevent your extension cords from being an electrical hazard, fix them in place carefully and keep them organized to avoid tripping.


In your everyday life, you probably use electrical items and highly depend on electricity to accomplish your daily tasks and make your life more efficient and comfortable. Likewise, almost every home has potentially dangerous electrical safety hazards. By being aware of the electrical hazards mentioned above, you can reduce and eliminate them to reduce risks of fires and electrocutions, and make your house much safer and more secure.

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