Modern homes rely heavily on electricity to power various electronics and appliances. Such heavy consumption requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal safety and reliability. Failing to keep-safe, the said electrical systems could lead to various issues and accidents, as such electrical failures that are potential fire hazards

And one of the essential yet overlooked components of the system is the light switch. There are many warning signs that you can look out for to ensure the maximum safety of your house. The warning signs that suggest you need to replace your light switches are as follows.

1) Unusual Sounds

One of the tell-tale signs that the light switches in your home are faulty is when you start hearing popping, crackling, and buzzing sounds from the switch. These sounds can either occur when you engage the switch, or when the switch is plugged in. Generally, the cause of these sounds is an old, worn-out switch that needs to be replaced. But in some cases, these sounds can also be a result of arcing live electricity, making it a potential fire hazard.

2) Hot to Touch

If the switch feels warm to touch every time you turn it on, then it is a sign that too much voltage is travelling through the switch, or there is a severe wiring issue underneath. This is a major electrical issue that needs to be given urgent attention as this, too, can be an underlying fire hazard.

3) Delay in Action

Electrical contacts under the light switch, once worn out, can impede the electrical flow. This can lead to a few seconds delay between the engagement of the switch and the current reaching the appliance. This delay can also be caused due to worn out metal parts inside the switch. An example of this would be when you flip the switch to your light, and it turns on after a few seconds. Though not a fire hazard, this is a good reminder that the switch has run its course and requires a replacement.

4) Loose Switches

Switches wear out over time, and this can lead to them losing their tactile feel, i.e. they no longer click into place when pushed or engaged. This is a good sign that the switch needs a replacement. And though the circuit must be working perfectly fine with the said worn-out switch, there is still a high chance of something going wrong in the coming time. Hence, it is a good idea to replace the worn-out switch that works perfectly but feels loose.

5) Tripping Circuit Breakers

Another great sign that the light switch needs to be replaced is when the circuit breakers keep tripping when you turn on the switch. This might not happen all the time, but regular tripping is a sign that the light switch may be worn out, causing a power surge that is tripping the breakers.

Contrary to the general reputation of the light switches as menial components of the circuit, they are quite important. Worn out or bad switches can be an annoyance as well as a fire hazard; hence, it is essential to look after the light switches of your house. We recommend you to hire the best professionals in Edmonton to replace your light switches, ensuring utmost safety and quality.