Home needs some repairs often as the home grows old. Home rewiring is one such thing that needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. Any faulty electrical wiring can cause significant damage to the house. Electric wirings are some of the crucial things that need to be taken care of properly. The older the house, the older the wirings will be of the house. Old houses were built keeping in mind the uses and power of appliances at that time. But now, with the introduction of new technology, the use of electrical appliances has increased. And the old wires may need to be rewired for the sufficient use of new appliances. There are also some signs that you need to look for rewiring the home.

1) Flickering or Dimming Lights

Flickering or dimming of the lights is one of the most common signs that say your home need rewiring. When the voltage is high, the light gets more brighten up, but when the voltage is low, it starts getting dim or flickering. This type of flickering and dimming is probably due to any loose wirings or faulty circuits, which you should check with the help of an electrician. 

2) Sparking Outlets

If you witness any sparking in the outlets that it won’t be normal, you should check with the wirings. Sparking outlets are the signs of any potential danger to the wirings. Excessive heat is built in the sockets that lead to melting the insulation and also leads to short circuits. If they are exposed, then it could lead to an electrical fire.

3) Tripping Circuit Breakers

If there will be a huge amount of electricity flowing through the circuit, then the circuit breaker will trip and stop the flow of electricity. This means your circuit tripper is working well and it saves from any electrical damage. But if your circuit breaker is frequently tripping, then there will be some issue with the wiring. Consider checking it and rewiring them.

4) Electrical Shock From Chord

No one likes to experience an electric shock. If you have experienced any electrical shock recently from touching any chord that is connected in the socket, then you should be concerned about it. Call an electrician and have an inspection of your electrical wirings.

5) Discoloured Switches or Outlets

Discoloured switches or outlets are caused by any fire in the outlet. Loose wirings in the outlets lead to a fire that will leave a discoloured patch on the outlet. Discoloured outlets are a sign that your homes need rewiring.

These are the signs that you should look for and consider rewiring. This will help you in keeping your home safe and secure. To get the best rewiring and electrical services for your home in Edmonton, you can contact us.