Ceiling fans are a great invention in the world of multiple machine inventions. While they are a great source of soothing, cool air in summers, they are also used for absolute decor purposes. Nowadays, even with the most competent AC systems installed in homes, why do you think homeowners feel the need to install fans? There are many reasons for such considerations. Often, people wish to go environment-friendly or just wish to accessorize their homes with modern designed fans. Whatever the reason, you need to skim through the various fan designs available in the market and get them installed in your homes with the help of professional electricians.

1) Standard Ceiling Fan

A standard ceiling fan is one of the most conventional types of ceiling fans for homes. You will find these five-bladed fans in almost every household that are installed at the end of a long rod. These standard ceiling fans are available in varied styles, patterns and colours. They don’t just provide you with sufficient airflow, but are also a decent addition to your home decor with metal or wooden blades, even if not very fancy.

2) Low Profile Ceiling Fan

A low-profile ceiling fan, also known as a hugger fan, is only slightly different from the usual standard ceiling fan. Unlike standard ceiling fans that are installed with the support of a down-rod, low profile ceiling fans are installed with two closed brackets. They are typically the fans for homes with low ceiling height, as less as eight feet. Most homeowners don’t prefer hugger fans as they are not as efficient in disseminating air in all corners as standard ceiling fans. However, the options available with regards to styles and colours are humungous.

3) Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fan

If you don’t wish to install fans for homes that will have you leaving your seat every time you want it on or off, remote-controlled fans are just for you. These fans are also equipped with led lights. Thus, remote-controlled ceiling fans can be controlled with the help of a remote. You can now switch lights, change the speed of the fan, with the help of the remote and ease up your life.

4) Dual Motor Ceiling Fan

Dual motor ceiling fans, just as the name suggests, consist of dual motors. The two adjustable fan heads are held in place with the help of sturdy horizontal rods. The dual-motor, hence, makes it more adjustable to switch according to the temperature. These fans don’t just offer cooling but also style and decor to your homes.

5) Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Outdoor ceiling fans for homes are a very cozy way of cooling yourself down, especially during summers. Outdoor ceiling fans are mostly equipped with LED lights, and thus, offer comfort, decor and a rewarding environment at the same time. So, whenever you are planning next to have fun sit out with your family or have fun with friends on the porch, deck or patio, get the outdoor ceiling fan to spread the pleasant air around.

So, now that you presumably have a good understanding of the types of fans that you can get installed at your home, it’s time to choose the right electrician and call them to get your fans installed. 247 Emergency Electricians will not only install these fans for you but will also suggest you with the most appealing fan options.