Electrical systems are generally safe if installed by professionals. However, this does not eliminate the chances of something going wrong. There is always a risk of an emergency, as something may go wrong with the wiring, the plugs, or the other components. Some of these emergencies can be a small nuisance, such as faulty switches, while others can result in fires.

Regardless of what type of emergency it is, you might be wondering whether you need to hire an emergency electrician should problems occur with your electrical system. If you are unsure as to whether you need an emergency electrician, then pay attention to the information below. Here are the signs telling you that you definitely need an emergency electrician:

1) Blowing Fuses

The occasional blown fuse is a normal occurrence. It means that the system is working, protecting your devices from excess current. However, if you find your fuses blowing far too often, there might be a problem with your electrical system.

The reason your fuses are blowing is that there is something in the system that is pulling too much power. While you can replace the fuse all by yourself, you must call an electrician to check the system and address the root cause.

2) Flickering Lights

Lights may flicker a bit when you initially switch them on. If a fixture in your house frequently flickers when nothing else is switched on, it might be an issue with that specific fixture. However, if you see it flicker when you switch something else on, then there is probably a problem with the system.

In many cases, this problem means that your power outlets cannot provide enough power to keep multiple devices turned on at once. It also means that the system is unstable, which can be harmful to your fixtures, appliances, and devices. To address this problem, it’s best to contact an electrician to fix your power outlets and install more if necessary.

3) Warm Appliances

When switched off, your appliances should emit no heat at all. However, if you touch a device and feel some heat, but you know that you have not used it recently, then you likely have an electrical problem.

This can also be applied to switches, where switches that feel warm can also be a sign that there is something wrong with the electrical system. Have an electrician check your electrical system immediately, as this kind of problem may lead to fried components and even fires.

4) Overloading Outlets

If you have only a few outlets in your home, you may find yourself connecting multiple devices into the same outlet. While some outlets can take this kind of stress, some cannot, which can lead to overloading. If you find yourself connecting too many appliances to a single outlet, be sure to contact your electrician to have more installed in your home.


If you are facing any of the above issues, then it is likely time to call an emergency electrician to address them. This is important not only to the safety of your electrical system and connected devices and appliances but also to your well-being and home.

If you leave these problems to worsen, they can lead to catastrophic consequences that can hurt you financially or worse. Keep your wallet and your family safe, and have your electrical issues fixed with the help of an emergency electrician right away!

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