Electrical items have evolved significantly in the past decades, with so many new technologies and fixtures now having more demands regarding power consumption and safety. These upgrades to electrical workings make everything much more efficient and hassle-free to use in daily life.

One thing you might have noticed that has changed throughout the years is the wall switches of a house. While the design is a primary change that has complemented the way modern homes are built, they have also been created to be safer for emergency electrical services to fix and troubleshoot. However, electricals will never be 100 percent functional at all times, and here are some warning signs of a defective wall switch:

Light Fixtures Become Temperamental

Light switches can often become temperamental in the sense that it takes them a moment to activate fully, often leading to the lights flickering on and off before working correctly. Emergency electrical services will usually check the metal components inside a light switch, as these can often wear out contacts over time. These worn-out contacts often destroy the flow of electrical paths that make illumination by lights possible. Sometimes, the little snap that the light switch makes when actuating it will disappear, which means that some toggle parts are loose and might require a replacement.

Sparking Switches

If you hear a little crackle when turning the lights on using the switch, this is a common occurrence due to the load arc that bridges electricity movements between contacts. However, the larger or more audible the spark crackle is, the more you should be hiring an emergency electrician to take a look. An inspection is even more crucial when smoking or when finding scorch marks upon toggling the switch on and off.

Audible Switches

Electrical sound effects can come in the form of clicking, sizzling, buzzing, or popping. When wiring is loose, the sounds typically appear due to contacts having an inconsistent flow of power. Loose wires can be plugged in further to test the connectivity. If the sounds persist, it might be time to replace the switch unit altogether.

Sometimes, specific switches like dimmer switches can buzz when a bulb has a loose filament structure that vibrates. When you hear the vibrations, this might require replacing the bulb instead of the switch unit.

Warm Switches

Switches like the dimmer switches mentioned above can often generate plenty of heat due to the dissipation with the strength of the current’s flow that dims the light’s illumination properties. When a switch is extremely hot, this might mean that the dimmer is in bad condition, which might require a full replacement.

However, standard toggle switches for fixed-illumination lights are always supposed to feel cool when touched. Any warmth or heat felt on the traditional switch panel means that electricity isn’t properly flowing. Some switches might heat up when they do not have the proper rating. An example is using a 15 amp switch for a 20 amp circuit with multiple light fixtures. This unmatched rating will cause an overload and might make the switch very hot to the touch. Appropriately matching a panel with a circuit will ensure that they work correctly at all times.


Light switches are essential in electrical circuits, as these allow us to control the illumination of our homes and commercial establishments safely. When these are not well-optimized, they can cause fires and other dangers to human lives. Always keep an emergency electrician within reach for any kind of light switch issues that can appear.

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