Many houses rely on their home generators to back-up power during a power outage. The generator can last for decades if it is maintained properly. Like every other appliance in your home, the generator also needs to be maintained. Home generators go through wear and tear due to constant usage, so if you don’t maintain it properly, then be ready to pay for heavy expenses. The home generator can break down, and you would have to repair it, or even worse, replace the generator. To prevent the generator from any damage, you will have to take its proper care. You can maintain the generator yourself, or you can call an electrician.

Power Up the Generator

You don’t want to witness that your electric starter is not working when it is needed. You can avoid such situations if you keep your generator properly maintained. Our expert electricians suggest that you should run your generator every three months for at least 30 minutes to charge the battery. And doing so will not cause any problems for the electric starter.

Fill Up the Tank

Keep your tank filled with fuel even after you have used it. An empty tank can damage your generator, which you don’t want. When the home generator runs out of fuel, it will stop the power. But what happens is the electricity in your house will pull the magnetic field from the generator, causing damage. So avoid keeping it empty and fill it with fuel.

Check the Oil

Oil is essential to keep your home generator working. Keep a regular check on the oil in the generator. You can check the oil by putting in a dipstick. Check that the oil is clear and is filled to the exact amount. The unit needs oil for a proper run. If your home generator doesn’t have enough oil, or if there is no oil, it will not start, or the worse can happen is that it may get damaged. Such damage repairs will be done by expert electricians in the field.

Conduct Monthly Inspection

Run an inspection on your generator every month or after the unit has run for an extended period. Check if the surrounding area of the generator is clean and doesn’t have any debris. Also, make sure that aren’t any insects or rodents trying to make a house in and around the home generator. Check the coolant levels of the generator. Drain the water and fill the fuel with the appropriate amount. Inspect the battery life and check if the wires aren’t loose and working fine.

Take all these steps and make your home generator work for the long term. You can maintain your home generator by yourself or either you can call the electricians. There are different types of home generators available if you want to buy anew. Our company provides the best electrician experts in Calgary. You can contact us and rely on our services for repairs and installations.