Keeping the home safe is one of the most important things a homeowner can do. Just because you have shelter does not mean you are free from other problems and troubles. You need to ensure that you are safe from intruders and from all emergencies that can possibly happen to your home. One way to ensure your house is protected from potential electrical damage is by purchasing whole-house surge protection. 

What Is Whole-House Surge Protection?

Whole-house surge protection devices are your best defence against power surges of any magnitude. This device is usually connected to your home’s electrical service box, and it works like a filter. It allows the passage of safe electrical currents and prevents any surge or irregular voltage from entering your home’s circuits and damaging your utilities. 

In short, it helps protect your appliances from burning out or potentially exploding due to electrical surges. These surges are typically caused by power outages, short circuits, tripped circuit breakers, lightning strikes, power transitions, and more. Whether it is severe or minor electrical damage, a surge protector reacts rapidly and stops surges from occurring.  

Why Consider Investing in Whole-House Surge Protection

– Protects Your Investment

Look inside your home, and you will immediately spot electronic gadgets everywhere you look. Your new LED bulbs contain microcircuit boards that are highly sensitive to electrical surges. Your appliances have circuit boards that need to be protected at all times from all kinds of electrical surges. You have invested in these items, but a simple unmonitored power overvoltage can immediately ruin them. Avoid compromising and safeguard your property by acquiring this service.

– Protects Your Home Even from Internal Damages

The majority of power surges come from the appliances themselves. Although the surges they create are small-scale and won’t cause any significant damage at the time of occurrence, they can degrade the performance and shorten the lifespan of your electronics and devices. Having a surge protector can lessen or completely prevent the damage from happening.

– You Have a Layering Option That Allows You to Protect Even Shared Circuits

Most houses have shared circuits. That means that when only one electrical panel is protected, the other outlets can be compromised. With whole-house surge protection, you have an option to use a layered system. It allows you to guard the electric panel as a whole, plus each point of use. 

– You Get a Complete Electrical System Protection

With this device, you safeguard your home appliances and electronics, every outlet in your home, and your entire electrical system, protecting your home from electrical-related risks.

– You Have Options

Several types of whole-house systems are available, and you can choose depending on your needs. A regular home is different from a house with subpanels and a home located in an area prone to storms. Each has different surge protection needs. Surge protectors also come in different price points, so consult your professional electrician to determine the best one for your home.


Having whole-house surge protection devices in your home is your best defence against power surges and its consequences. It keeps your devices, home, and family safe from any electrical damages and hazards. 

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