Whole-house surge protector—it’s such a mouthful, isn’t it? This may be the first time you’ve heard of it, but don’t feel overwhelmed by the complication of the term! You probably would have done a double-take when you first heard about this, but trust me, this is not a phony phrase made up of random words put together. In fact, it could save you from a lot of trouble.

The Dangers of Power Surges

Power surges occur when the flow of electricity is interrupted, which can increase the current flowing into your electrical outlet. Depending on the severity, the increase in voltage above the standard operating voltage can shorten the lifespan and significantly damage your electronics.

Most power surges are caused by these factors:

  • Switching on high-powered electrical devices
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Faulty wiring
  • Tree limbs touching power lines
  • Animals getting into electrical equipment
  • Power restoration after a blackout
  • Lightning strikes

Besides the lightning, you can avoid most of these causes, given proper maintenance and regular inspection.

Keeping Safe From Power Surges

To avoid damage to your gadgets and appliances and lessen the chances of electrical fires, you need to take the necessary precautionary measures against power surges. You can minimize the risk of power surges in your home by unplugging unused appliances and investing in a whole-house surge protector.

Protecting Your Home From Electrical Dangers

The average home can experience many small power surges throughout the day, but this doesn’t mean that it is perfectly normal. Even the smallest surges can have huge, damaging effects on your electrical equipment in the long run! 

Your best bet against power surges is to get a whole home surge protector. A whole home surge protector is your first line of defence against damaging voltage spikes. This device has a filter that allows safe electrical currents in and suppresses irregular voltage. Here are a few reasons why you should get one:

– Technology

As households become more modern, the number of electrical gadgets people use everyday increases. As such, people are now more reliant on the home’s electrical system. All of your computers and other devices hold essential information that needs to be protected—you can’t afford the risk! Surge protection ensures that your data is protected and your gadgets can function properly.

– Layered System

If you have an elaborate home entertainment system or an expensive electronic setup, it could send a surge through a shared circuit and compromise the other outlets. A layered system connects right to your electrical panel and at the point of use, instead of being installed at the home’s circuit panel. It’s best to have an emergency electrician in your area to handle the layering of the whole house surge protection.

– Absolute Protection

A whole house surge protection is meant to keep your appliances and gadgets from damage, but it can also protect your home’s entire electrical system. A transient surge that originated from an appliance on a dedicated circuit will be sent back to the breaker panel and shunted.


Save yourself the trouble and get a whole house surge protector! This way, you can keep your electrical system safe from power surges and further damage. Remember to have your GFCIs tested monthly and repaired by an emergency electrician if needed.

Leave it to our emergency electricians at 24/7 Emergency Electricians to install your whole house surge protector! Our team of experienced and committed electricians can meet all your recurring electrical emergency needs in Edmonton. Book an appointment today!