Do you need to get new light switches installed in your new home? Or maybe your current home needs light switch replacement because it’s creaky or facing serious issues. There comes a time when your light switches give up on you hence, you buy new modular switches. Sometimes, the switch that produces a spark or one with a broken mechanism opens up chances of you getting electrocuted. Hence, it is important to get it treated or replaced.

Have you thought of hiring someone yet? If not, 247 Emergency Electrician is the ultimate solution you should opt for. We tend to every electrical emergency that you face, any time of the day.

When Should You Replace or Repair Your Light Switches?

  • When the mechanism of the switch is broken.
  • When the circuit breaker trips.
  • When you notice sparks from the switches.
  • When the switches start heating up.
  • When you see sudden flickering lights.

With 24-hour service, our experienced and expert electricians will repair or replace the creaky switches, based on either requirement. Our electricians will check the problems in the switch units, and accordingly, offer what’s best – repair or replacement. If you find any of the recurring problems, we advise you to call us any time, whether day or night. We will arrive at your doorstep within an hour.

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