We all consider our home as the safest place for ourselves and our families. But what if a fire breaks out in your house at midnight? This is when you won’t be alert and this may result in a loss worth several dollars. This is how your house can turn from the safest place to the most horrific one, without you even noticing it in time. To avoid such fire hazards at your home, installing smoke and carbon monoxide detector is the best solution.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will send alarms when they detect smoke or a certain amount of carbon monoxide in the air. This will alert you in time and save you and your family from major losses that you can’t even imagine it can bring to you. This detector can help you to prevent big fire hazards and save your money on repairs after hazard.

To install fire detectors in your house, you can call 247 Emergency Electricians. Our technicians will install the detectors according to the latest Canadian safety regulations. Being skilled and experienced, they won’t miss a spot and will put the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors near every bedroom and habitable area.

And if you already have detectors in your house, we will provide comprehensive services to maintain them as well. Our team will inspect the detectors properly to see if they require repair or replacement.

Make your home a safer place to live with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Our technicians in Edmonton won’t just provide you with the service but they will also work towards delivering excellent results.

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