Experiencing a power outage could be inconvenient, to put it mildly. These interruptions could create problems for your family as you attempt to navigate your home safely. You also go into “emergency mode,” especially when the cause is a natural event like a typhoon. If you invest in a home generator, it could make having no electricity more bearable.

Getting one could also help you sort out your activities until your emergency electrician arrives. However, you might struggle to see why it is a justifiable expense, especially for a home. Here are a few reasons why getting a generator is a great idea.

Weather Disturbances Can Cause Blackouts

The majority of power outages happen because of storms, typhoons, or other weather disturbances. These days, the world is seeing a rise in the number and severity of weather events, making it likely that blackouts would last 24 hours or more.

If you work or study out of your home, you know that you cannot waste time. If you go without power for more than an hour, you could inconvenience or risk relationships with clients and customers. As a student, lack of power could cause you to miss deadlines or critical synchronous activities.

Filters and Pumps Run on Electricity

Your filtration systems are also dependent on electricity. Without power, your pump cannot provide you with fresh water fit for drinking, bathing, or heating. Similarly, if you use a sump pump to drain your basement or crawlspace, you lose your protection against water damage.

No Electricity Means No Refrigeration

The Food and Drug Administration recommends that you throw food out when they have been sitting unrefrigerated for at least four hours. A power outage can last for much longer than that, which means spoiled items if the electricity goes out.

You Live in an Area Vulnerable to Outages

Some places have severe temperature extremes, making it challenging to ensure comfort and safety without supplementary power supplies like generators. In Alberta, power outages do not last long, but it could take days or even weeks in some cases. Sometimes, your emergency electrician could arrive later than you expect.

These interruptions are often due to sleet storms, high winds, freezing rain, and other events that damage power lines. A heatwave or cold snap could also cause the power system to overload.

You Leave Your Home Vacant for Long Periods

If you own a second home or a rest house, getting a generator helps protect your property from emergencies caused by power interruptions. Having a generator will prevent unexpected shutdowns, and it buys you time to travel to the house and check if there is damage.

You Have to Use an Electric Medical Device

Lack of electricity can be deadly for people who rely on electric medical devices. Generators can keep these running; if you or your loved one has a chronic medical condition, having a generator at home means you don’t need to scramble for ways you can weather the outage.

You Have a Hybrid Car or Host Outdoor Events

Finally, portable generators can do more than supply emergency power! You can use it to charge a hybrid car or portable power tools, and it also keeps the lights on during outdoor parties and camping trips.


Home generators protect you from unexpected events. Buying a generator prevents you from getting caught off-guard by a power outage. Electricity powers most things in a modern home; a generator keeps you safe from everything from extreme temperatures to food poisoning and house floods.

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