There’s no doubt that electricity is a fundamental necessity today. While they are silent heroes that innovate our lifestyle and comfort, they can be just as deadly behind the scenes if something goes wrong with the electrical wiring. 

Unfortunately, not all signs of electrical damage are obvious to the untrained eye. Learning how to spot these quiet warning signs can make a difference between life or death; that’s why we’re here to give a rundown on the common electrical faults you need to keep a watchful eye on: 

Sign #1: Hot Outlets

Outlets should have a normal room temperature, meaning that they shouldn’t feel too hot to the touch when you plug in a device. If it does, then you have an overheating outlet right under your nose. There are plenty of factors that fan the flames of this particular problem — from loose wiring, internal defects, or damaged appliances. 

These issues can force the outlet to overwork itself as it struggles to maintain an electrical connection, making it a serious fire hazard since it leaves plenty of room to cause arcing. Additionally, you need to call emergency electricians once you see scorch marks in the faceplate of your power outlets since it means your wiring is short-circuiting, rendering the outlet useless. 

Sign #2: Constantly Dimming, Flickering, or Buzzing Lights

Seeing your home’s lights flicker may seem easy enough to ignore when it happens occasionally, especially if it only affects one fixture. But if the flickering, dimming, or buzzing lights persist, then your electrical circuit may be suffering graver, underlying problems such as electrical overload, fluctuating electrical voltage, or main connection defects. 

Flickering lights may be a favourite trope of horror stories, but the real danger lies within your electrical work at home. Don’t let the major electrical issues slip under your radar, and put electricians on speed dial as soon as possible!

Sign #3: Loose, Damaged, or Outdated Wiring Connections

When you plug-in electrical devices or appliances and notice they won’t flush into the outlet’s sockets securely, then it means your wiring connections are either loose, damaged, or outdated. This seemingly minor problem can cause the electrical current to “jump,” causing a dangerous spark. 

With loose wiring taking up 67 percent of home fires, it goes to show that you need to protect your home against this hazard by calling professionals to address your electrical problems. 

The Bottom Line: Spotting Subtle Warning Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

Outdated, dilapidated, and poorly installed electrical wiring are among the leading causes behind house fires, reaching a whopping 1.3 billion dollars worth of property damage every year. While you can set some home repairs and upgrades for another day, electrical problems deserve your immediate attention since one minor spark is all it takes to engulf your life in flames. 

Are You Dealing with Electrical Problems at Home?

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