Light-emitting diodes, or LED lightings, have recently gained popularity, thanks to the falling prices that are making them easier to access for everyone. But why are people choosing these over conventional lighting systems like CFLs or halogen lightings? Because they offer many benefits that other systems cannot provide as provided below.

1) Long Life

One of the most popular reasons for the popularity of LED lightings is that they last longer than other systems. Since they do not have a figment that can burn-out or break over time, they last for years without showing age or decrease in brightness. Most LEDs can last over 100,000 hours, i.e., 11 years, at full brightness. This duration is twice that of a conventional fluorescent bulb and twenty times that of an incandescent bulb.

2) Energy Efficient

Another big reason is that they can save you thousands of dollars in energy bills. Yes, that’s true. LED lightings are super-efficient with electricity. Where an incandescent bulb loses 80% of its energy to heat, and the rest to light, an LED only spends about 5-10% on heating. What’s more, they only require 10-15% of the power that is otherwise required by incandescent bulbs. They are 80% more efficient than CFLs too.

3) Low Carbon Footprint

And since they are so efficient, they leave a small carbon footprint. That is, they are more environmentally friendly since they do not consume so much energy. Additionally, they also do not contain toxic elements like mercury (unlike CFLs). They even last longer, which leads to less waste from packaging and disposal.

4) More Colours

LEDs are modern, so they can be designed to emit specific colours from the diode itself. Meanwhile, other lightings like CFLs or incandescents require you to add filters for them to change colours. LEDs don’t need that.

5) Safety

LEDs require less energy, and even lesser energy is used up as heat. Hence, they run cooler than other diodes, which translated to fewer chances of your burning your fingers while prying them out of the sockets, or any potential fire hazards. Thanks to their solid-state construction, you also don’t have to deal with broken glasses.

6) Health

Lastly, they are better for your health since they do not flicker like other conventional CFL bulbs do. Flickering can have terrible side effects for those suffering from headaches and migraines, and LEDs do not pose any such risks. Moreover, they also have a high colour rendering index (CRI), i.e., they are good at mimicking natural light, so they also don’t harm your eyes as much.

What was once a high-end technology has now become every product. Nearly all industries are switching over to LEDs, and these are only some of the reasons why. All of them come together to make LED lights safer for you and the environment and highly cost-effective. 

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