The pandemic has compelled people to stay indoors more than usual during some of the year’s hottest months. Given the current scenario, most organizations are opting for remote work from home, and the schools are going with virtual learning programs. One major challenge most households will face is more power consumption resulting in higher electricity bills.

By making some simple changes and consulting your electrician, you can lower your electricity bill each month.

1) Appliance & Efficiency Inspection

Efficiency Inspection

A significant first step in lowering your electricity bill is having an electrical safety inspection audit done for your home. Your appliances and electrical system can be inspected for efficiency and safety by an experienced and licensed electrician. Devices in poor condition can often be more expensive and use much more energy than it should be. Once these appliances are identified, consider purchasing energy-efficient replacements. Consult an electrician about energy efficiency ratings and advice regarding the best appliance that meets your needs. Having an inspection done proactively will help prevent the need for an electrician in an emergency.

2) Switch to LEDs & Dimmers

Switch to LEDs and Dimmers

LED lights can be five times more energy-efficient than a standard bulb and use about 90% less energy than other bulbs. As a result, switching to LED light bulbs can help lower your electricity bill. Changing to LED lights have a few more benefits that homeowners should consider. For your next step, connect with an electrician to install dimmer switches in your home. By installing dimmer switches, you’ll only be charged for as much light as you use. In addition to lowering your electricity bill, you now have the option to adjust your lights to fit your mood and budget.

3) Install Ceiling Fans

Install Ceiling Fans

Keep the air circulating in your home with ceiling fans, so your air conditioner does not have to work as hard. Installing ceiling fans is a great move to reduce electricity bills. Compared to air conditioners, ceiling fans are downright cheap. The average cost of running a ceiling fan is about one cent per hour—a fraction of the expense to run an air conditioner.

Ceiling fans can help save energy costs and increase comfort if used in conjunction with an efficient air conditioner. With both your ceiling fans and AC operating, you can increase the thermostat by four degrees without losing any comfort. In turn, the air conditioner will come on less often, so your energy bills could be lower overall.

It sounds odd, but ceiling fans can indeed help save money in the wintertime if you have ceiling fans with reversible motors. With the flip of a small switch found on the side of their motor housing, most ceiling fans can rotate in the opposite direction (clockwise). This reverse motion creates an updraft in the room, moving the hot air around without the wind-chill effect.

And finally, today, ceiling fans are available in different designs and styles, they are now considered an addition to the aesthetics of your house.

As we all spend more time at home, our routines and habits change. Don’t let yours end up costing you more money. Book an appointment with 247 emergency electricians today and let the expert electricians help with simple projects. We ensure you the fastest, cheapest, and best service as and when you need them.