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Electricity is amongst one of the most critical utilities that no household can survive without, thereby making it every homeowner’s top priority.

Survival without electricity is unthinkable, and everything virtually depends on electricity, be it a smart home or Internet or common electrical appliances.

The use of electricity comes with its risk and dangers. Nevertheless, these dangers and risks can be easily averted if common problems are identified and dealt with as quickly as possible.

Most common electrical problems homeowners in Toronto can face:

Circuit Breaker Tripping Frequently

The circuit breaker is built into home electrical installations as a safety tool. As the name implies, the circuit breaker is the circuit immediately; there is an excessive overload on the use of electricity that is way above normal. The circuit breaker trips off to secure your home from burning due to electrical overload. But when your circuit breaker trips off every time, it becomes an electrical malfunction problem that needs an urgent resolution.

To resolve this problem, check for whatever device was in use when the breaker tripped off. If it is a high wattage device, reduce the use or lower the settings to reduce energy consumption. The number of high power-consuming devices on a particular circuit breaker can be reduced and shared with other breakers. Hire a professional electrician to get this issue resolved.

Circuit Overload

This is similar to the circuit breaker tripping problem, or let me say related. When the circuit is overloaded, it cuts the supply of electricity to the house. Since most homes do not have enough power points to cater for high wattage devices, tripping of power may happen from time to time. To resolve this problem, Homeowners should always disconnect devices that are not in use. Spreading of electrical devices around so as not to overburden a single circuit will also help.

Frequent Electrical Surges

Electrical surges can be caused by improper wiring of the house, lightning strike, faulty appliance and the likes, but surges only last for microseconds. Electrical surges may not be so harmful, but when it becomes frequent, it is a serious electrical problem that needs to be fixed as quickly as detected. Frequent electrical surges will reduce the life span of all electrical devices in the house, the wiring and even the mainboard. To resolve this, try to remove any cheap electronic device constantly in use in the house or even in the main power board and see if the surge stops. If this does not resolve the frequent surge, it is best to contact a professional electrician in Toronto to resolve this issue.

Sags and Dips in Power

Sagging and dipping of electrical power may be caused by the use of cheap or substandard electronic devices, faulty devices or wiring, or even devices that draw a lot of power.

Electrical Shocks

Electrical shocks are a very dangerous experience, although, in most instances, it does not lead to death; it reminds users of how powerful electricity can be. Some electrical shocks may lead to death, but the risk of death is the lowest in-home use.

Electrical shocks may be experienced by touching a naked wire, due to bad wiring, or even when one touches a plugged substandard appliance. The best way to resolve electrical shocks most reliably is to call a professional electrician.

High Electric Bill

Paying a high electricity bill is a common electrical problem; almost everyone has encountered at some point. Some tips to reduce electric bill are:

  • Change your power supplier to a more cost-effective one.
  • Check for, identify and resolve devices that may be causing power surges.
  • Remove and unplug appliances and chargers when not in use.
  • Repair damaged wirings and circuit boards.

Light Switches not functioning properly

When light switches in your home do not seem to bring on light or turn off light, they are faulty. Faulty light switches can be due to overused switch boxes, old switch boxes, and substandard switches if they are new or even bad workmanship on the part of the electrician that fixed it. To resolve issues with electrical switches, call on a certified professional electrician.

Buzzing Sound

When electrical appliances or electric power in your home starts to buzz or make the sound when it is not supposed to, then there is an electrical fault somewhere. Electricity is a soundless power and out to operate silently. When you start to hear the buzzing sound inside your switch or by your plugs, call a certified electrician in Toronto to check out and fix whatever the problem is.

Light Bulbs burning out frequently

New light bulbs tend to stay for more than two years; some even last more than five years before they burn out. Light bulbs usually have a life expectancy and expiry dates written on them, but when your bulbs burn out fast and quickly, you have an electrical problem in your home. Bulbs can burn out pretty fast due to some reasons which include but not limited to:

  • Very high wattage from the power supplier
  • When light and insulation are too close to each other
  • Improper circuit wiring
  • Bad mains wiring and general home wiring
  • Water Damage

The best way to resolve light bulbs burning out too frequently is to reach out to a professional electrician. Getting to identify the problem personally may be a difficult thing to do. If you have changed a bulb or two to an original bulb and it still burns out fast, you should contact an electrician in Toronto.

Ignoring or taking these common problems too lightly can result in electrical emergencies. Many a time an electrical emergency can be averted if the issues are quickly identified and swiftly resolved.

When it comes to any electrical issue or electrical emergency in Toronto, call 247 Emergency Electricians immediately. We will ensure that all your electrical problems are tackled on time so that no further damage is caused to your house and systems.

As impossible as it may be to live without electricity, working on your electrical concerts on your own, or as it is famously called the DIY manner, is a complete NO-NO.

Hiring a licensed and experienced electrician for dealing with all your electrical problems. For one, you are assured of reliable, qualified services regardless of the scope or complexity of the task. Moreover, there are also some special tools needed for electrical services that an ordinary homeowner doesn’t have. Most of these tools, therefore, must be appropriately handled by a trained and skilled technician.

No matter what electrical emergency problem you are facing in Toronto, recognizing that you need prompt assistance is an excellent start.

247 Emergency Electricians provide the best emergency services in Toronto as and when you need them.

Services that we offer throughout Toronto

LED lightings

When you consume electricity at home, you may wish to cut down on your electricity bills. You would wonder how to lower the electrical consumption and, at the same time, have a good quality of light and longevity.

One of the best ways to do so is by installing LED lightings. LED lightings have become the best resolution for efficient lighting and saving on electricity bills at the same time. LED bulbs work differently from traditional incandescent bulbs, and these LED bulbs are more durable than any conventional incandescent bulb. So, replacing your old traditional lighting with new LED lighting is a smart move.

Benefits of LED Lightings

  • Long life
  • Energy efficiency
  • High brightness and intensity
  • Exceptional colour range
  • Low radiated heat
  • Reliability
  • Instantaneous illumination
  • Directional lighting

It is a good idea to convert the lighting of your house from traditional lights to LED lights. To install the LED lighting in Toronto, you can call skilled professionals from 247 Emergency Electricians. Our electricians are qualified, and we work towards providing you with excellent results.

Home Rewiring

Time and wear and tear take a toll on homes and result in the need for maintenance or repairs, and your electrical wiring system is no exception.

Do you know how much electricity is being consumed at your home every day? Chances are your home was built when there wasn’t much requirement for more gadget appliances like today. Air conditioners, hairdryers, and microwaves are necessities today. Electrics in older houses can become compromised over time, putting both your property and your family in danger through the heightened risk of fire.

Therefore, your home wiring needs to be in good condition so that these appliances work perfectly without any overloading.

Mediocre and low-quality home wiring systems can cause substantial damages to all the appliances and even the electric system as a whole. Old wirings can be heavy on your pockets when they cause problems later on, and it can be time-consuming when you try to fix those problems. Hence, consider rewiring your entire house if the wires are outdated and inadequate.

When Do You Need Home Rewiring?

  • Buzzing or sizzling sounds from the socket.
  • The tube lights and bulbs flicker a lot.
  • Burning smell coming from the socket.
  • Home wiring has not been updated for decades.
  • Hot and discoloured switches or outlets.
  • Sparking when you plug or unplug from the outlet.
  • You experience an electrical shock when you touch or plug-in cord.

Other reasons to check the wiring

Even if you don’t notice any faulty wiring warning signs, it’s a good idea to have your home’s electrical system inspected periodically. Electrical codes vary depending on where you live, but there are everyday situations that warrant an inspection from a qualified professional.

  • If your home is more than 40 years old
  • If you’re relying on extension cords for power
  • If you’ve made significant home improvements or added vital new appliances that could strain your existing system
  • If your home has ungrounded, two-prong outlets
  • If your home has aluminum instead of copper wiring

Electrical wiring issues are no joke, and they can be extremely inconvenient, damaging, and even dangerous if left unchecked. When you notice something amiss with your residential property, it’s time to reach out to an experienced electrician in Toronto for professional help. We provide free estimates before we get started on your personalized service.

Call us today and get your house rewired at the earliest. 247 Emergency Electricians provides residential and rewiring service and repair throughout Toronto.

Light Switches

Do you need to get new light switches installed in your new home? Or maybe your current home needs light switch replacement because it’s creaky or facing severe issues. There comes a time when your light switches give up on you; hence, you buy new modular switches. Sometimes, the switch that produces a spark or one with a broken mechanism opens up chances of you getting electrocuted. Hence, it is crucial to get it treated or replaced.

When Should You Replace or Repair Your Light Switches?

  • Switch mechanism breaks.
  • Circuit breaker trips.
  • Sparks from the switches.
  • Switches start heating up.
  • Sudden flickering lights.

With 24-hour service, our experienced and expert electricians in Toronto will repair or replace the creaky switches, based on either requirement. Our electricians will check the problems in the switch units, and accordingly, offer what’s best – repair or replacement. If you find any of the recurring issues, we advise you to call us anytime, whether day or night. We will arrive at your doorstep within an hour.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

We all consider our home as the safest place for ourselves and our families. But what if a fire breaks out in your house at midnight? This is when you won’t be alert, and this may result in a loss worth several dollars. This is how your house can turn from the safest place to the most horrific one without noticing it in time. To avoid such fire hazards at your home, installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is the best solution.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will send alarms when they detect smoke or a certain amount of carbon monoxide. This will alert you in time and save you and your family from significant losses that you can’t even imagine it can bring to you. This detector can help you to prevent massive fire hazards and save your money on repairs after accidents.

To install fire detectors in your house, you can call 247 Emergency Electricians in Toronto. Our technicians will install the sensors according to the latest Canada safety regulations. Skilled and experienced, they won’t miss a spot and put the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in every bedroom and habitable area.

And if you already have detectors in your house, we will provide comprehensive services to maintain them. Our team will inspect the detectors properly to see if they require repair or replacement.

Make your home a safer place to live with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Our technicians in Toronto won’t just provide you with the service, but will also work towards delivering excellent results.

Electrical Safety Inspection

Electrical home inspections involve the careful assessment of your entire electrical system to ensure that all electrical systems, cables, and components – including your home’s wiring and electrical appliances – satisfy the legal safety standards.

Electrical home inspections are particularly important when:

  • Purchasing or moving into a new home
  • Adding an electrical appliance
  • Your home is more than 40 years old.
  • Planning a major renovation

Ignoring the quality standard of your home electricity can be the biggest mistake you are making. You are risking the lives of your family and yourself. Electrical wires, sockets, fuse and light fittings, etc. have an age after which they deteriorate, and using the lightings beyond this age may lead to hazards at your home.

A periodic electrical safety inspection by a professional is a must for your home. With the help of inspection, you will know about the quality of your home’s electric wires and accessories. Factors like usage of the existing ones and installing new devices can also affect the home’s electrical system.

A typical home inspection includes:

  • Shock and electrocution threats
  • The condition and operation or switch and wall outlets
  • Verification of lighting fixture wattage
  • Verifying the proper function of arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs)
  • Checking grounding systems
  • Checking safety and security systems – lighting, alarm, etc.
  • Validating the proper surge protection
  • Verifying adequate placement of fire alarm system and smoke detectors
  • Testing the fire alarm, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke detectors
  • Inspecting outdoor electrical systems
  • Inspecting the electrical panel for proper amps, labels, and operation

We, at the 247 Emergency Electricians in Toronto, have a team of best electricians. They will inspect and provide you with a detailed and prioritized report of the electrical issues your house is facing related to electric wires and other electronic accessories. You should have an electrical safety inspection at your home every six months or more often, depending on the complexity of your home’s electrical work.

Electrical Panel Replacement

An electrical service panel is where the main power line from the national grid enters your home and gets distributed throughout your electrical system to the lights, plugs, and appliances. The electrical panel contains circuit breakers whose role is to disconnect circuits in the event of power surges to keep the excess electricity from burning your gadgets and appliances.

If your home’s electricity keeps tripping, your home’s electrical panel units have aged over time. Just like small electrical appliances, it is essential to look after the main electrical panel. They are the source from where the electricity surges through to reach your electrical appliances and other electrical equipment. Over time, the electrical panels can’t take the electricity inflow that a home demands, and this is when it invariably starts tripping. It is thus imperative to get your electrical panels replaced by experienced and skilled electricians to gauge the home’s energy needs and provide you with the appropriate electrical panel.

Signs that You Need an Electrical Panel Replacement

  • The circuit breaker keeps tripping.
  • It’s been more than 25 years since you changed your electrical panel.
  • You hear crackling sounds from the panel.
  • Lights flicker when operating multiple appliances.
  • A fire broke out of your electrical panel.

Suppose you haven’t updated your home’s electrical system in a long time or detect any of these warning signs. In that case, you should contact a licensed residential electrician in Toronto to inspect the service panel and service it accordingly.

Ignoring these signs can result in severe and costly consequences that range from a burnt power outlet, melted electrical wiring, or damage to plugged-in devices to more serious risks like deadly electrocution and electrical fires. You should also be on the lookout for any unusual smells, sounds, or electrical malfunctions as they could also indicate looming electrical panel problems.

247 Emergency Electricians in Toronto have all the skills and experience that are needed. Call us if you see any of the above signs and get your electrical panels replaced.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Toronto faces hot and extremely humid summers, and it comes as no surprise that most of the houses opt for ceiling fans in Toronto. The best part about ceiling fans are they provide benefits all year round. They save energy and increase the comfort of your home.

Ceiling fans are your ultimate cooling companions that also add some decor to your home. Installing ceiling fans resolves your summer and winter problems and lifts a huge load from your energy bills. How? You don’t switch to heaters in winters or air-conditioners in summers because your ceiling fan helps you through that. Also, it is a bad idea to go on installing different kinds of ceiling fans the same way. There are multi-functional ceiling fans that require a different procedure.

Don’t forget to hire a professional like 247 Emergency Electricians in Toronto consisting of skilled electricians who can effortlessly install different ceiling fans without interrupting the existing wirings.

Why Ask 247 Emergency Electricians in Toronto for Ceiling Fan Installation?

  • Our skilled electricians will inspect your ceiling fan if it is appropriate for your ceiling.
  • More than 30 years of experience makes us trustworthy.
  • Assemble the ceiling fan if required and later install it.
  • Our electricians are licensed and hence install ceiling fans undertaking safety measures.
  • They will test if the ceiling fan is in the right working conditions before they leave.

Our proven professionals will not only install your ceiling fans for you but also ensure your safety. 247 Emergency Electricians with tremendous expertise are eligible for handling your electrical installations. Just bought a new ceiling fan? Need to install new fancy ceiling fans? Call us. Call us anytime, and our emergency electricians will be happy to offer you their services.

Whole house surge protection

Whole house surge protectors allow you to safeguard your home against power surges and lightning strikes. It is attached to your electrical panel and can save you thousands of dollars in electronics and appliances that could get damaged during a power surge.

Your electronic equipment and other appliances have an assigned capacity for the amount of voltage it can carry. Surges or voltage spikes tend to completely disrupt the electric flow, leading to the burning of wires or any other electrical hazards. Thus it makes it essential for you to get surge protection devices installed in your home so you can distance yourself from any potential dangers. Surges might seem like an extreme problem until it hits you like a rock.

But as the famous saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ it is vital to abide by this. Get your whole house surge protected soon by hiring experienced electricians to eradicate any electrical dangers from approaching you.

What Causes Surge?

  • Aggressive thunderstorms.
  • Lightning.
  • Static electricity.
  • Magnetic fields.
  • Internal changes in voltage.

What is the Result of Surge or Voltage Spikes?

  • Heating of electronic equipment.
  • Breakage of wires.
  • Explosion of capacitors

247 Emergency Electricians are experienced electricians who have expert solutions to fight your home’s surges. Call us any time of the day, and our electricity ninjas will come to your rescue. We will fit the best surge protection devices so you won’t have to worry about the sudden spike in voltages or the consequences. Call 247 Emergency Electricians in Toronto now and get yourself a safe line of wiring.

Lighting and Light Fixtures

Home lighting should never be compromised. Who doesn’t like different patterns of lights in different rooms of their house or brightly-lit chandeliers in the center of the living-room? Your home looks dull if your rooms are dimly-lit due to the wrong lighting installations. Hence, it is essential to call expert electricians to look into the careful and proper lighting fixture installations.

Whether you are renovating your home in Toronto, or just planning on changing all or one lighting fixture, don’t try to handle them all by yourself. Call our skilled electricians from 247 Emergency Electricians in the Toronto area and look into the lighting matters.

Why Call 247 Emergency Electricians

  • We have several years of experience in the field.
  • Our highly skilled electricians and technicians will look after the wiring carefully.
  • You can call for our services 24/7/365.
  • We offer quality lighting fixture installation.
  • Excellent customer service is our priority.
  • We don’t create any mess on-site and ensure that we leave the premises as it was before.

Handling lighting and light fixtures can be hazardous if you don’t have enough skills. On hiring skilled electricians, you are putting your safety first and trying to transform your homes with lights. 247 Emergency Electricians can transform your home entirely and let you, welcome guests, with pride. So call us anytime you have an emergency relating to light fixtures in Toronto.

Electrical Outlet and GFCI Installation and Repair

Do you feel that your old receptacles are outdated and don’t provide the required flow of energy? Are you planning to replace these old receptacles? Why hire just anyone, and not some expert electricians? After all, your home electrical outlets are near all your family members, and any errors in fittings can lead to immense harm.

247 Emergency Electricians will provide you with some of the best-in-town electricians with professional expertise to take care of your electrical outlet installations. We also offer a GFCI installation in Toronto. If you are looking for upgrades in your electrical outlets, contact us today.

What is GFCI?

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is a circuit breaker that turns on and off by itself as soon as it senses any energy fluctuation.

GFCI is a safe up-gradation from the usual electrical outlet.

GFCI is an excellent option for your home because its automatic on and off features prevent the wires from burning due to sudden energy fluctuations.

Installations and Repairs by 247 Emergency Electricians

247 Emergency Electricians have professional and skilled electricians who will be at your service on just one call. We install high-quality electrical outlets because your safety is our prime concern. From installations for your new home to upgrading GFCI in your current homes to repair the previously fitted outlets, 247 Emergency Electricians in Toronto deliver all the services with great dedication. Our services are open 24/7, which means every electrical emergency is our prime responsibility.

Backup Generators Installation and Servicing

Whether it’s an hour or several days, you know how annoying it can be without power. As we know, these power cuts last for a minimum of two minutes to an extensive 8-hour long period. Which means no fans or AC to keep you comfortable or heaters to keep you warm? Your essential appliances like the fridge, oven, and even charging ports, come to a halt. The best resort to avoid facing any issues due to power cut-off is installing backup generators.

Installations by 247 Emergency Electricians

247 Emergency Electricians in Toronto has a team of qualified and experienced electricians to get the backup generators installed at your homes. Our expert engineers, electricians, and technicians will inspect the safety levels and appropriate fittings needed.

They will check the areas where the backup generators will be fitted and connected to the right sources where electricity will be provided and checked carefully to avoid errors. Our electricians do a thorough check of whether the units are working post-installation effectively. Everything, including safety, is taken complete care of by us.

Service, Maintenance and Repairs

Our name says it all! Our services are available 24/7, and we offer scheduled appointments for active service and maintenance across Toronto. Maintenance is essential for every machine, and we are ready to provide never-ending services to you. And in case of any malfunctioning, we provide guaranteed repairs because we know that in countries like the US and Canada, the chilly weather should disrupt the machinery.

Since the very beginning, we have pledged to offer the best of services with a reliable and skilled team. We vow to maintain our promise 24/7. Call us for your emergency backup needs in Toronto.

Why choose us?

When you’re facing any electrical problem or electrical emergency in Toronto, 247 Emergency Electricians are by your side round the clock. We are standing by 24/7 for those electrical emergencies that strike in the middle of the night! We will get there as fast as humanly possible, and provide you with skilled Toronto electricians to help you restore your electrical systems.

Whatever the emergency, we’ve got you covered, and provide a friendly and efficient service at a very reasonable price. Simply call us today and leave everything in the skillful hands of our emergency electricians.

We are local electricians, close to your home :

  • Providing 24/7/365 assistance.
  • Providing comprehensive repair and maintenance services.
  • Being your one-point contact for all electrical concerns
  • Providing a guarantee of the craftsmanship and services we provide.
  • Ensuring 100% satisfaction.

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