A circuit breaker is an essential electrical fixture in any home. It ensures that, if any problem arose in the electrical system, power to the problem area would be cut off. That being said, a circuit breaker does not last forever. Over time, its performance will drop. Sooner or later, it will need to be replaced. To know if your circuit breaker needs to be replaced, here are the signs you need to pay attention to:

1) Burning Smell

If you smell something burning around the circuit breaker, chances are the wires inside the circuit breakers have overheated and burned out. It may not necessarily have tripped yet, but if you do smell something, shut off the power and contact an electrician right away. There might be an issue in the breakers keeping them from tripping. An overload of power might be running through your electrical system and burning through your wires.

2) Lack of Service

Circuit breakers are designed to last, but they do not last forever. If they have not been serviced for a long time, like over a decade, they might be on the verge of failing. This may not always be the case, but if you know that your circuit breakers have not had any servicing for several years, have them inspected. 

A professional electrician will come by and check the circuit breakers for any potential problems. If an issue is discovered, they can quickly replace the old breakers with brand new ones.

3) Frequent Tripping

If the circuit breakers are tripping more frequently than you would expect, something is wrong with the electrical system, or the breakers are failing. For example, if you notice an appliance trips the circuit breakers, have them checked by an electrician. They will identify whether the circuit breakers are at fault or something else in the electrical system is causing the breakers to trip.

4) Physical Damage

Sometimes, circuit breakers can show physical signs of damage. For example, you may see burn marks or melted wires around the circuit breakers. These signs tell you that the house is at risk of an electrical fire, so be sure to switch off the power and call an electrician. They will inspect your system for further damage and replace the circuit breaker if necessary.


As mentioned previously, circuit breakers are an essential fixture to have in your home. Their job is to cut off power to your house entirely in the event of an anomaly in the electrical system, keeping the property safe from electrical fires and more. That being said, if you notice anything wrong with your circuit breaker or suspect that there is an issue, phone up an electrician to inspect it for you. They will see if there are any issues to be solved. Worse comes to worst, they can help you replace the circuit breakers entirely. 

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