Many experienced DIYers and weekend warriors like to take repair matters into their own hands, fixing minor plumbing issues, loose fixtures, and other straightforward upgrades. However, many things seem straightforward on the outside but can result in deadly consequences if done incorrectly.

When it comes to electrical problems, one of the easiest faults to overlook is a loose electrical outlet box. You can spot the issue by referring to warning signs that indicate a loose outlet, from a cracked faceplate, cord damage, electrical shock when plugging a cord, or inconsistent device charging. 

Most think anyone can secure it back into place, but it isn’t a matter of tightening back into place. Here’s why: 

1) Exposed Wires

One of the biggest dangers of fixing something as seemingly harmless as a loose electrical outlet is that you’re dealing with exposed wires. These bare wires can cause power disruptions in your home, but it can pose a life-threatening danger to you and your family too. 

Touching the exposed wires, either with your bare hands or tools, can immediately send a deadly shock. That’s why it’s always better to leave these matters to the hands of experienced electricians since they have the expertise and training to install a new faceplate while ensuring the wires remain securely in place.

2) Cord Damage

If the cord is also stuck in the outlet, then it is an electrical hazard that requires the aid of a licensed electrician. Removing the line yourself without any knowledge and special equipment can be dangerous, especially since the cord can also cause a spark inside and catch fire. 

With that in mind, an electrician will always turn off the main power line and safely remove damaged cables to ensure the loose outlet won’t cause any further damage – be it from causing house fires or electrical shock.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Calling an Expert Electrician to Handle Electrical Problems at Home

Repairing a loose electrical outlet requires plenty of professional experience and technical expertise, but it involves plenty of changes to ensure the outlet box is in good condition. For one, you may need to replace the box itself, resize the hole, and replace frayed wires along the way, all of which can pose a fire hazard. 

Electricians have the training, knowledge, and technical expertise to get the job done promptly and carefully. Not to mention, they also know how to respond to electrical fires and ensure everything is in working order. 

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